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College football world reacts to Notre Dame jersey reveal video

Chances are strong that by now you’ve seen Notre Dame’s alternate uniforms that they’ll wear for the shamrock series game against BYU this October. If you haven’t then you can check out an up-close photo gallery of the uniforms and before your day is done you’re going to want to spend four minutes watching the EPIC video Notre Dame used to unveil the jerseys.

I really like the jerseys, I love the white, and my only real beef with them is that they have a bit of a Georgia Tech feel.

The video however has no flaw in it whatsoever. If there is an award for “Best College Football Uniform Reveal Video” then this one is pretty much Secretariat at the Belmont.

Check out below how the college football world reacted to seeing it.

Personally, Michael Mayer’s line about the color of the jersey was my favorite.

Josh Pate

Just a heads up – if you’re on social media and consider yourself a college football fan you need to be following Josh. The guy bleeds college football, he is as informed on the subject matter as literally anyone, and truly LOVES the game.

Barstool Sports

Love them or hate them, Barstool Sports has a MASSIVE following. It’s not that Notre Dame is hurting for media coverage but when this outlet that clearly skews younger is praising Notre Dame and making the program appear cool then its a win for Freeman and the Irish.

Always Irish

The spot zero lies here. Also, I need to make another appearance on this podcast soon!

College Football Watcher


4 Horsemen Podcast

The day Marcus Freeman was officially named head coach I had several conversations with friends about how Notre Dame was about to be cool again and that a lot of people were going to be uncomfortable as their hate for the Irish wore off. That’s only going to grow – at least until the massive amounts of winning begins.

Herb Lawrence

Herb is a longtime friend of mine and a former co-worker. He bleeds blue and orange for the University of Illinois and usually despises anything Notre Dame. When he is offering praises towards South Bend (in his own little way) you know Notre Dame hit this out of the park.

Sean Pendergast

Sean is a talkshow host in Houston that I used to bug to come on in Chicago to talk about the Astros and Texans, but he’s a Notre Dame grad and says here exactly what Irish fans everywhere were thinking.

Nick Schultz

Hopefully it’s not long before Freeman starts winning the regular season and postseason too, Nick.

Katie Pondiscio

Oh it’s happening, Katie. Welcome aboard!

Miles Garrett

There are a few others, Sam Pittman at Arkansas is one I’d include, but yes, Freeman is certainly towards the very top of that list.

Brian Oliu

I know there are those out there who hate the video board at Notre Dame Stadium, hate the turf, and hate the super loud music, but I genuinely think that is the very vast minority. That or I just happen to deal with a lot more Notre Dame fans that see the value in realizing it’s not 1993 anymore.


I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a picture of Marcus Freeman since December and thought “take my money, I need that shirt” and seemingly haven’t seen any available for purchase. This certainly applies here but will undoubtedly be available at an Under Armor retailer near you soon, I’m sure.


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